September 18, 2010



Licht Feld 10 was my opportunity to present permanant Sand Paintings to Europe. Technical breakthroughs of the past six months allowed me to work horizontally in complete freedom and adhere the material invisibly to the surface to be presented as “painting on canvas”.

Timing pressures limited painting to 11 days. I build 2 platform stretchers, painted 2 paintings and hang and light them. Work was relentless - though I did catch three shows; the Beyeler Foundation, Rodney Graham and Warhol In The 60’s at the KunstMuseum. Sept. 11


SEPT. 7, Dear Robyn,

A good 12 hrs sleep. I feel like veal. Sit, sit, sleep, sleep. Much clearer than yesterday, though.

Woke up early enough to avail myself of the breakfast I'd paid for. It's raining, per acuweather. I know a place I may be able to pick up golashes - I'll try on my way to work. Like the previous Hostels, this one's very chic, very button down. There're no conveniences you don't pay for, a sink in the room but the showers all have those 60 second shutoffs. Cement and plywood is the design look, but very clean, very modern.

A runnel whooshes in front of the Youth Hostel. I followed it down to the Rhine yesterday evening before I tucked in, around 7:00. 

I brought WISEGUY and it's astonishing how a tired mind can blank out existence and be in two places at once, in 1960's NY and in the breakfast room here, listening to the accents of English boys and their teachers. 

"He beat us!"

“Course he did, Bobby’s fit.”

"course he did, Bobby's fit."

AmericanSand / Switzerland



Even though St. Alban-tor tower was errected in 1230, it didn’t prevent the smoking teenagers who congregate there from tagging it.

St. Alban-tor outside my youth hostel. Built 1083.

Sept.15 -16