Miami performance diary, 2012

December 6, 2012

Wayne Coe

Patrick Todd

Kathleen Vance

Daniel Aycock

Wayne performing, Dec. 6-7

Art viewed from 35 stories.

Dec. 7, rainy day 

but work did stay.

Jorge Pardo is an exceptional Cuban-Americanartist and in this piece as homage to advice he gave me, way back. He advised me on my 1993 Art Center Recruitment video (he was AC’s librarian.) 

He Warned me Tink Adams, AC’s founder, was a Nazi sympathizer and chauvanist. Art Center didn’t have a female instructor till the seventies.

I’m not sure I believed him, I didn’t follow his advice. After my pitch the whole review panel said they loved the pitch but “could you please take out the material about Tink Adams.”